Spring 2016 SEC


The SEC is an important forum for teachers and parent representatives to address the diverse issues which affect our secondary students. For details of what was discussed at the most recent SEC, please read on.


secOn 10 March a Secondary Education Council took place. Parents representatives from the French, English and German sections attended and the APEEE was also represented by the VP Ped, Kristin Dijkstra. You should have received summaries of the discussions from your section representatives but here is an overview of what was discussed.

Discussions opened with details of the upcoming school trips. Bon voyage! Also on the agenda was an update on the use of Office 365 and e-safety. The school announced that a new Working Group would start in the week of March 14 on the e-safe classroom: students & teacher protection, information sharing. This WG is tasked to produce a set of guidelines about BYOD for both parents and students. A further central point of discussion was preparing for the BAC and parents raised concerns about grading and also emphasised the need for general information to be made available. Finally, various amendments to the school rules were discussed and formalised.

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