Security update

meeting gerogieva

meeting gerogieva

Security has been a primary concern for many parents in view of the recent events in our City. Many urgent measures have already been put in place to reinforce security and these have already been communicated to all parents by the School and by the APEEE. Nevertheless, the  APEEE are continuously following up this matter and are in permanent contact and dialogue with the relevant actors, that is the European institutions as well as the Belgian authorities.


In April, the APEEE took part in an important meeting with the Commissioner/Vice-president of the European Commission, Mrs Georgieva, together with the EEB’s Secretary General Mr Kivinen and all EEB’ s directors. During the meeting with Commissioner/Vice-president Georgieva, we stressed the importance of an adapted budget for all EEB’s regarding all necessary security measures. The Commissioner has in this sense confirmed, that an additional budget of about 4 Million euros will be granted to all European Schools, with a particular emphasis on the Brussels schools. This budget will enable an increase in the number of security cameras and the number of guards. The Commission has also confirmed its involvement in all security matters that concern the EEB’s and its Security Directorate is actively monitoring the security situation of the EEB’s.

In the near future (26th May), we will also meet again with the Security Directorate to discuss the outcome of further evaluation of school bus transport and to examine the recommendations.

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