Rules 2013-2014

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Rules for extra-curricular activities 2013-2014


1. General conditions

The Parents Association of the European School Brussels IV (APEEE BRU IV) is an international association with educational aims and managing the services for children of the European School Brussels IV.

In practice, the responsibility for organizing and managing the extra-curricular activities for is assumed by the APEEE office.  The extracurricular activities manager is available to parents for all questions relating to enrolment and all enquiries on activities.

These rules are designed to ensure the smooth running of extra-curricular activities organised by the Brussels IV European School Parents Association and establish administrative procedures and the code of conduct to follow.  They apply without exception to all persons who enrol in any extra-curricular activity. Please note, therefore, that enrolment in an extra-curricular activity will be treated as an agreement to adhere to these rules in their entirety.

In general terms, please note that decisions as to the services we provide are based on forecasted income for the entire year.  Cancellations from our services can therefore have a high impact on our operating budget. Consequently, we can only accept cancellations in very strict limited circumstances and subject to the conditions defined in these rules

Please remember that the Parents Association is run by volunteer parents and a very small secretariat. We aim to deliver a professional and ambitious service for children and their families and make every effort to minimise disruptions. Please note that the APEEE office is open at designated times. We aim to respond to all communications as soon as is possible. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


2. Membership fee

To use one of the services the membership fee must be paid. The membership fee is to be paid to the Parents Association Brussels IV account. Details about the amount and account number are to be found on the APEEE website ( 


3. Enrolment

Please note that non-payment of amounts due prevents re-enrolment to one or more services. In addition, the Parents’ Association reserves the right to suspend or cancel the subscription for the current year due to non-payment of amounts due and to continue its legal rights.

Each child should be enrolled separately.

Enrolments can be made using the online enrolment system available via the Parents Association website:

Subject to availability, enrolments may also be accepted in the course of the year on an individual basis. New activities may be added to the programme in the course of the year.

On enrolment, parents should provide the names, telephone numbers and email addresses of those adults authorised to pick up their child after the activities (if any) so that the Parents Association may contact authorised adults in case of emergency. Any change to the contact details must be communicated to the Parents Association in writing. The Parents Association will not allow a child to be collected by any person who has not been authorised in writing in advance.

The instructor will be provided with emergency contact details for the children for whom they are responsible. If parents need to contact an instructor, they should do so by contacting the Parents Association Office.

Enrolment applications are processed on a first come, first served basis unless specified otherwise.

Enrolments will not be treated as definitive until payment for the activities has been received in full. Payment must be made within two weeks of confirmation that a place has been reserved for your child.  

In case of non-payment within the two-week period, the place may be offered to another child.


4. Cancellation or change of activity

Cancellations will only be accepted before activity sessions begin at the start of the school year. An administrative fee of 20 € will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.

There will be no reimbursements for cancellations in the course of the school year.

Subject to availability, a child may change activity once per year.  An administrative fee of 20 € will be charged. If the new activity cost more than the original one, the difference must be paid in advance. If the price is lower, no reimbursement can be given. 

Activities will only be confirmed as taking place if the minimum numbers of children required for that activity enrol. The minimum number of children may vary according to the activity but will be specified in the programme.  The Parents Association reserves the right to cancel or change activities (ex: the minimum number is not reached). 

In case of unforeseen absence by an instructor, the Parents Association will make every effort to find a replacement instructor for the activity, or to provide an alternative activity. The priority is to enable children to stay in their group.  Reassignment to another activity will only take place in exceptional circumstances. Parents will be notified if there are repeated changes to a proposed activity.


5. Payment

Payment should be made to the extra-curricular activities bank account. For bank details see website. 

Prices are calculated on the basis of the number of participants, the cost of instructors, the duration of activities, and whether or not transport is required. Prices may, therefore, vary as between activities. 

The cost of supervision on Wednesday lunch time is not included in the cost of the activity.

Payment is for the entire school year, and is due within two weeks of confirmation. For children joining an activity in the course of the year, the payment is due on a pro rata temporis basis and for the remainder of the year ahead.

In case of non-payment, the Parents Association reserves the right to exclude a child from activities. Please note that in such circumstances, parents remain liable for payment of the balance for the rest of the year.

The Association will refuse enrolments for any families in arrears for payment of other Parents Association services (e.g. canteen and transport services).  In cases of genuine hardship, parents are kindly requested to contact the Parents Association accountant.  

Unfortunately, due to the fixed cost of running activities, it is not possible to offer refunds for occasional absences such as illness.


6. Schedule of activities, instructors and collections

Activity sessions start in September and stop one week before the end of the school year. The precise dates will be published on the website.

There are no activity sessions on days where there is no formal schooling.

On Wednesdays, the half hour between the school’s end and the start of the first activity is set aside for children to eat a packed lunch or, if applicable to eat a hot lunch in the canteen.  Supervision will be organised for that timeslot. Please indicate on the enrolment form if your child will use it.  The cost of this supervision is not included in the price for the activities and will be indicated separately.

Students are either accompanied to the child minding centre on the school premises, if they are enrolled, or they must be collected by an authorised adult. The Parents Association will not allow a child to be collected by any person who has not been authorised in writing in advance. For these purposes, a note in the child’s agenda will be sufficient. 

Only children whose parents have informed the Parents Association in advance in writing may go home unaccompanied. The Parents Association accepts no responsibility for any child once they have left the activity.

A bus-service is provided by the Parents Association from the school to activities organised off the school premises. The cost of transport is included in the price, unless otherwise indicated. 

No transport is provided after off-premises activities. Children must be collected by an authorised adult. The Parents Association will not allow a child to be collected by any person who has not been authorised in writing in advance.  The Parents Association accepts no responsibility for children once they have left the activity.

If a child cannot attend any given activity session, parents are asked to notify the Parents Association by email. 

In the event that a child does not attend 5 consecutive sessions of a given activity, he/she is deemed to have dropped out and the place may be offered to another child.  In the event that exceptional circumstances apply, the Parents Association reserves the right to disapply this rule.

If a child is not collected on time his/her parents will be charged. The rates are EUR 15 for the first 15 minutes, EUR 10 per quarter hour started thereafter. This policy is consistent with that implemented by the O.I.B for the child minding centres. Charges will not be enforced on the first occasion on which a child is not collected on time, but will apply to all incidents of late collection thereafter.


7. Extra-curricular activity rules and behaviour

The general school rules apply during activity sessions.

Students enrolled in activity sessions must wait for their instructor at the agreed meeting point and must not to enter the activity room without the instructor. 

Students must follow the instructor’s and Parents Association’s instructions.  Persistent bad behaviour will be reported to parents and may result in exclusion from activities.

If parents or children wish to raise any issues or concerns in relation to an activity, they are requested to contact the Extra-Curricular Activities coordinator.

Students must wear appropriate shoes and clothing for the activity. If specialist equipment is required, parents will be notified in advance. The Parents Association is not responsible for any damage to shoes or clothing resulting from the activity.

Students are responsible for their own possessions, particularly anything of value they bring to the activity session. Lost and found property will be put with other lost and found property that is collected on the school premises. The Parents Association accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen property.


8.  These Regulations may be subject to change during the year.

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