Report on SEC (Nov)

The second SEC of this school year took place on 27 November. Parents were represented as follows: APEEE: Iseult Lennon Hudson NL: Kristin Dijkstra FR: Veronica Gavriliadis EN: Sophie Girard-Sequeira. These parents can be contacted for further details of any of the points discussed.

By way of summary:

School Bereavement Policy: this is being developed in conjunction with the school psychologists and was welcomed by the parents.

Communication Policy: This document is a work in progress, receiving input from staff and parents. In order to ensure transparency, the document will be made public.

Expo Milano 2015 – Feeding the Planet: Students from some European Schools are putting together project proposals for Expo Milano. Mr Schlabe is encouraging projects from EEB 4 to participate, and points out that such projects could also participate in the European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS

Science booklets: The school has had the pleasure of receiving 1500 booklets about scientific projects financed by the EU. All S3-S5 students will receive a booklet.

Portable football pitch: to be acquired by the beginning of 2015

Litter: this is a problem.Each secondary class will be responsible for picking up litter around the school during 1 week each year. 

Complaints policy: this is being developed

Transition policy: In order to improve understanding between primary and secondary teachers, starting in January P5 teachers will sit in on S1 lessons and vice versa. The school is also using the technique of retro-planning to create a smooth timeline.

Student Exchanges: now only available for S4 and S5. S4 exchanges are for 2-4 weeks; S5 exchanges for 1 semester. Details on the school website.

Cartes de sortie: Now completed and distributed. In the future, the same card will be used for lockers and canteen as well. 

Working Groups: There are now five of them. Well-being (includes Safety & Hygiene), Harmonisation, Differentiation, Evaluation (transition, use of student portfolio in primary), Anti-Drug.

Tablets: parents requested more info about the pilot project.

Vending machines: the student reps want something as it is the only source of food for some of them during the school day.

December 15th National Strike Day: due to the National Strike on December 15, there will be no tests on that day. The tests have been postponed to January 8.

Somerfesto: Last year, €9,222 from Somerfesto 2013 was offered to the school for improving the Primary playground. In the end, the supplier offered a large discount and most of this money was not needed. Currently, €8,822 remains and has been earmarked for the school.Damages incurred by students and parents at Somerfesto 2014 are still being paid. The remaining money will also become available through the Community Fund.

L2: Parents welcomed th information evening. Mr Cole has been meeting with coordinators and teachers of L2 French over the past weeks to discuss how to implement ES policy. European School L2 policy is to have mixed classes, with a possibility for “executive level” classes. It is essential that children attain the level of proficiency required. The focus on harmonization, differentiation and evaluation through the Working Groups will be applied in L2, L3 and across all subjects. A flexible system will be developed which takes each student’s history into account.

Access to Lockers: the students want to have direct access to the S5 lockers.

Study Hall: Currently both Study Halls are silent, with no talking allowed. The students request that one of the Study Halls be designated for group study, as many of their assignments are group projects. The locker area is only accessible to students who are eating. Mr Cole will talk to the Educational Advisors and get back to the students.

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