Report on N/P Education Council (Nov)



The second N/P Education Council of this year took place on 20 November. Parents were represented as follows:

APEEE and EN: Iseult Lennon Hudson NL: Salima Atiaoui FR: Anissa Rehailia: IT: Valeria Granata

For full details please contact those individuals via your sections. If your section was not represented, please contact Iseult.

Topics discussed included:

  • Changes to the RO Section (P1/P2) – great news! – with the arrival of a new child there will now be a separate P1 and P2 – hooray to our growing Romanian section!
  • Exchange between the OIB Creches and Maternelles to assist with transitions from the creche to the school. Teachers will go to the creche in the Spring.
  • Final arranements for the Christmas Concerts – dates had to be changed due to the National strike action. Apologies to those parents who now will not be able to attend on the new dates due to it being a week when the Parliament is in Strasbourg.
  • Arrangements for the new school reports – they will be sent out on 12 February 2015 – administrative issues make it difficult to issue them beforehand.
  • Updates to the School Communication Policy – the complaints procedure will be specified. Do parents read the School N/P newsletter? If not, it will no longer be produced. The number of hits will be monitored.
  • School Trip to Kent for P5 – parents are welcomed to look at organising fundraising activities to help cover the (increased) costs. 
  • Transition in to L2 – parents raised questions about how to manage transition up in to secondary.  The school is taking a whole school approach to ensuring a smoother transition.
  • DE section –  more effective communication of invitations to L2 to participate in the Lantern festival and more generally.
  • Transition from P5/S1 – there will be some teacher exchanges to share knowledge and better understand teacher expectations.
  • IT workshops – parents offered to assist.
  • Snack and Go – Parents enquired if it would be possible to have a room available for brothers and sisters who arent on the same bus service. The school reiterated that school finishes for N/P at 15:05 and it is for parents to make arrangements. Options are available – e.g OIB/ extra-curricular activities.
  • Football pitch – an enclosed area is going to be set up.  
  • WiFi – will be boosted across the site. 



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