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In the course of the school year 2012-2013, the School Coaching Institute and the Notre-Dame des Champs school in Uccle are organising a series of conferences for parents, teachers and students on the themes of interest to teenagers. The conferences, which will be held in French, will take place at the Notre-Dame des Champs, 143 rue Edith Cavell on the following dates at 19:00.   The following themes will be covered:

– Surfing the internet without danger (5 November)

– How to build up confidence in oneself (14 January)

– Does our way of being an adult makes sense to our young people and is it attractive to them? (11 March)

– Putting effort into something (22 April)

– My child is intelligent but does not succeed (6 May)

The cost is 60€ for the whole series.

Registration is via email: or the reception at Notre-Dame des Champs.

Payment is by bank transfer: 068-2503828-91.  Please mark clearly that the payment is for “pack conferences” and the name of the prospective participant.  In case the participant cannot attend any of the series, please contact us with the name of a replacement participant.


Documents for information:

Letter to the Deputy Head Primary on school trips from P3 to P5 (5/07/2012)

Early Education Curriculum

English Language I Syllabus: Primary and Nursery

Dutch Programme for Primary and Nursery Education

External services for children with learning difficulties

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