I don’t have the time but I’d like to help!

Sounds familiar? The annual General Assembly is the time of year when we look at what has been achieved over the past year and what could work better in our school community.  Many of us also ask ourselves, how can we help?  Is my help welcomed and how much time will it take? Perhaps you are already a class rep and are wondering how to bring forward concerns or ideas from your class.  Maybe you would just like to offer a helping hand from time to timeYou have strong IT/Web skills and you can help us enhance our presence on-line? Or just possibly you are thinking of joining the board but are not sure what you might be letting yourself in for…

Here’s what some parents, who are already ‘involved’, say.  We hope it inspires you to get in touch and find your preferred way to help optimise the school experience of our children….

“I am working full time but have some useful professional experience in my field of work.  I wrote to the pedagogical team (pedagogie@bru4.eu) and now I am helping to read and analyse some EURSC documents in my spare time.”

“What I found out is that you don’t need to be an expert on educational matters to contribute.  I have met some really nice parents working on practical initiatives like Somerfesto and Eureka.  I am quite excited by the possibilities offered by the opportunity to fund raise for the new Community Fund for special events etc..”

“Don’t forget that the services side of the APEEE runs a business.  We always need people with administrative, business or legal experience for the APEEE board to provide oversight, advise and guide our team of staff.  It’s not necessarily the quantity of time so much as the quality of thinking and teamwork that’s important.”

“What I like about our board is that we come together with different skill sets and backgrounds with the common aim of trying to ensure the children’s school life is good as it can be, educationally and also in terms of their experience of the canteen, extra-curricular activities and transport service.  We may not always agree amongst ourselves but our differences strengthen the decision-making.”

Elections for the APEEE Board take place at the beginning of the General Assembly.  If you are potentially interested and would like more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a current board member via news@bru4.eu

If you want to get involved with various working groups (pedagogical affairs, sexuality education) and/or the Somerfesto, please go to the APEEE website.  We’d also love to hear of any ad hoc brilliant ideas for the school, for the new Community fund or simply to get people together to make a great idea happen.

Looking forward to hear from you!

The APEEE team

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