Donate ski equipment

There has been a long standing project between Eureka! and the Ecole de Joie de Vivre (for young handicapped girls) in  Jette.  This year we would like to help these girls (who have limited financial resources) to go skiing. For the majority this will be the first and possibly the last chance that they will have to go on a school trip of this type. 

These girls need ski clothing and equipment (various sizes – secondary to female adult): jackets, hats, gloves, boots, helmets etc.

If you have any equipment in good condition to DONATE please do so! You can bring your donations to the Education councillors offices (A building) during the first two weeks of December. They will be collected and taken to the school in Jette.  You can also contact the teacher at the ecole joie de vivre: Mr El Abbouti, 

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