General Assembly – extrardinary session June 2017

Extraordinary General Assembly of APEEE of Brussels IV, 26th June, 2017



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Rationale for the extraordinary General Assembly – 26 June 2017

As announced at the General Assembly held on 6 December 2016, the Administrative Board has reviewed its Statutes by reference to, and in consultation with, the three other Brussels-based schools, and wishes to amend its Statutes for the following key reasons:

1. To ensure optimum accountability and transparency in relation to financial and budgetary matters

2. To ensure swifter publication of the decisions of the General Assembly and of the Administrative Board

3. To establish a Social Fund and to bring the rules governing the Community fund into the ambit of the Statutes and associated RoP

4. To describe the role and responsibilities of Class Representatives and Section Representatives

5. To create Rules of Procedure for the Administrative Board setting out its duties and responsibilities, in the discharge of which it acts at all times under the over-arching authority of the General Assembly

6. To create Rules of Procedure for the General Assembly

7.To delete the transitional provisions articles in the 2012 Statutes, which are no longer needed

8. To make editorial changes as required.

The eGA will also be invited to approve Recruiting Rules, which set out the procedures for recruiting staff to the Association.

A comparison table showing the text of the current 2012 Statutes and the proposed Statutes is being prepared and will be published in the coming days.

Please note that the eGA will be structured in two parts:

  • Part I will review the draft Statutes for approval. A notary will be present for this part of the eGA. As notaries, like taxis, charge by the minute, it would be very helpful if you could review the statutes (see comparison table) prior to the meeting and send any comments to, so that they can be addressed and hopefully resolved prior to the eGA itself.

  • Part II will review the draft Rules of Procedure for the Administrative Board, the draft Rules of Procedure for the General Assembly and the draft Recruiting Rules for staff of the Association.

2017 05 18 Comparison of current statutes v draft statutes EEB IV

2017 05 18 draft RoP Administrative Board APEEE EEB IV                            

2017 05 18 draft RoP General Assembly APEEE EEB IV   

2017 05 18 draft Statutes APEEE EEB IV


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