General Assembly 2014

It’s that time of year again. The General Assembly of the APEEE is approaching.

When?  19h00 to 23h00 on Wednesday 10th December 2014. In recent years there has been a tendency for the GA to last until late (or very early am). The CA is doing its best to ensure that the evening will run efficiently. But you might want to bring a picnic…

Where? Salle Polyvalente of the school

What? This is the meeting where the APEEE’s accounts are approved, the CA is discharged, a new budget is adopted, a new CA is elected and you,  the parents,  have the opportunity to ask both the Direction of the school and the APEEE questions.  There is also the possibility for parents to present items (“motions”) to be included on the agenda for discussion and if appropriate a vote. This has to be done in advance  – e.g. by the 19th November so please contact your class reps now!

Who? All parents can come to the GA. Only class reps can vote. Please make sure that if you cannot attend you give your proxy to another class rep. Class reps should consult their classes on how they should vote and those instructions should be passed on if you give your proxy.

All info is published on the APEEE website


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