Brussels’ European Schools Groupe de suivi and ACI

The Brussels’ European Schools Groupe de Suivi (composed of representatives from the General Secretariat, the European schools, parents, the Commission, the Belgian Government and the Régie des Bâtiments) and the Central Enrolment Authority (“ACI”) met three times during October 2014 to discuss infrastructure in the European Schools and to prepare the Guidelines for the Enrolment policy for 2015-2016.  The discussions continue.  

EEB4 was represented at all of these meetings by members of the CA.

The APEEE Bru4 took the opportunity to remind remind the Régie des bâtiments of the works required to modify the school gates to improve bus access and to ensure greater safety for all those accessing the school site.  

The APEEE Bru4 also reminded the members of the Groupe de Suivi of the resolution  “Une nouvelle Ecole Européenne à Bruxelles. L’expérience de Bruxelles IV” which was adopted by the parents at the General Assembly in January 2012.

The APEEE will continue to follow issues associated with enrolment closely and will report when more information becomes available.

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