General Assembly 2013-2014

A brief but big ‘Thank You’ to all parents who participated in our General Assembly, especially those who kept focused and constructive all the way to the end!

We elected and welcomed to the APEEE board 12 new members and wish them every success and support this coming year. The occasion also provided us the opportunity to thank our staff, all board members and the many other volunteer parents who have given so generously of their time this last year, especially three particular board members who have finished their mandate and who have been with the CA since the school’s early years (Erika, Carola and Monika) and the outgoing President (Steve).

We had lively (and mostly constructive) Question and Answer sessions, including with the Deputy Secretary General of the European Schools, our School Director and Deputy Director of Primary.

The accounts for 2012 – 2013 were discharged and the budget for 2013 – 2014 was approved.

Full report and voting results on the motions to follow.

Sorry this is only available in English. Can you help us translate messages into FR?

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