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What are the functions and responsibilities of board members? How are jobs allocated?

Election to the board is simply a place on the team, not election to a specific post.

Posts within the board are decided by the board itself. There is a president, 3 vice-presidents (for administrative matters, education matters & communication), a secretary & a treasurer. These 6 posts & 2 others form the ? Please read the APEEE statutes which explain this – in particular the balance of the language sections represented. The board is made up of 21 members, priority being given to 2 parents from each language section (7 sections = 14 members). The remaining posts are taken by those candidates having the most votes – regardless of language section. The current members who will continue next year comprise of 4 from the english section, 3 from the german section, 2 from the french section and one representative of the dutch section.

Jobs are divided up between the board members. Some look after the services (the canteen, transport & after school activities), while others deal with the more usual aspects of a parent’s association. Amongst the many issues are Interparents, Secondary Reform, Cost Sharing, the Education Councils, Somerfesto, the website / webmaster, communication with our members, etc…

In the past we made a more targeted call for candidates, even though this was not in the statutes. This was because we needed a treasurer with knowledge & experience -accounting not being something you can pick up as you go along! The same is true for IT & there are no specialists in this field amongst the members who will continue.

What time does this take up? When are meetings held?

The workload depends very much on the individual time and motivation of the members. Meetings are generally held fortnightly on a Tuesday or Thusday luchtime (12h30-14h00) and normally take place in the area around Schuman. The times & venues for working groups & committees varies from one to the other.

Who should I send my completed candidates’ form to?

Please send it to


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