Eureka! has moved…


eurekaHave you been looking for the Eureka! room? Wondered where it had gone?

Eureka (for primary/nursery) is now situated in the basement of building J, in a small room (J.U1.003) opposite the ICT class.

Every Friday morning, parent volunteers will collect items of clothes which have been left in the grey laundry baskets (next to the main doors of various buildings) and sort through them. They will try to return any items marked with a child’s name, to the child. The unlabelled items will be put on display in the corridor outside the Eureka room between about 9.30 am and 12.30 pm for children to look through during their breaks, or for those parents who can gain access to the school.

The Eureka! team is still looking for a room in secondary for all the secondary school lost property. We will update you if and when there is any news.

As always, we welcome parent volunteers who are able to come along for a few hours once a month to help manage the service, especially for secondary.

Please send info (name, phone #, availability) to

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