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At the end of last year, the APEEE created a Community Fund to support student, parent and teacher initiatives in the school. We are pleased to announce that the application forms are now available online together with a guidance note on how to fill them in and we hope to receive your applications shortly.
What does the fund do?
The fund provides financial support for projects which are designed to enhance the school community. This could mean purchasing equipment for a playground/class-room or science lab, paying for a speaker for an information evening for parents, funding an educational/cultural event for students ….. We are sure that you will have many interesting/diverse and exciting ideas. (Many of the parents involved in the Community Fund Committee (CFC) have also been involved in fundraising initiatives and are happy to offer advice on how to get projects off the ground.)
Why a Community Fund?
Our school is growing. We want to foster and develop a community spirit. Over the past few years a few good ideas to help that goal did not materialise because the budget lines weren’t available to support them. At the same time, many groups have been involved in diverse fundraising activities. Somerfesto, Sweatshirt sales, coffee mornings are just a few examples. The Community Fund will consolidate fundraising efforts and help support all initiatives that help to make our school more cohesive.
Who can apply?
Any parent, teacher or child who is part of the school community. We are open to all initiatives that meet the criteria.
How do I apply?
You need to fill in the application form on the website. The CFC will consider you application and let you know if you have been awarded a grant.
Where does the money come from?
Fundraising events like Somerfesto and donations. Contributions have already come from sweatshirt sales and some classes with funds left at the end of the last school year have also contributed.
How do I know what’s going on?
The CFC will regularly publish information about supported initiatives and the financial situation of the fund.
What happens to my money if I donate?
Under the Community Fund rules, 100% of donations go in to the fund. The CFC is committed to ensuring that remains the case.

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