You have to enrol a child in the European Schools next year…?

To address the need for more European School places in Brussels without exacerbating overcrowding in some of the existing schools, the Central Enrolment Authority proposal this year included the creation a new school for September 2015. Unlike the existing schools, this new school was to cover just Nursery and Primary cycles and was to be seeded with some classes from September 2015. A decision was expected on December 12th from the Belgian Federal Government on granting the campus for the school but this was not forthcoming. Aware of this situation and after having discussed in its December meeting the details of the proposal (including school composition and longterm planning for its pupils), the Board of Governors decided not to create the new school as proposed at this time. To-date (as this newsletter goes online mid January), the decision, by the Belgian Federal Government, on the campus still has not been taken. A revised enrolment policy and accompanying guidelines for 2015-16 are nevertheless being developed. The Central Enrolment Authority of the European Schools has issued a communiqué on the enrolment situation.  According to this communiqué, “the Berkendael site’s availability is expected to be restricted to the 2015-2016 school year.”

These factors have led to delays in the drawing up of the Enrolment Policy (and accompanying Guidelines) for the school year 2015 – 2016.  As a result, enrolments will not open until mid February. We suggest that you consult the EURSC where further information will be published in the week commencing 26 January 2015.

The APEEE is following this issue closely and has already participated in 4 meetings on the topic. All relevant information will be published on the APEEE website in due course.

Looking ahead…

As Mr Schlabe announced at the APEEE General Assembly, the Board of Governors of the European Schools voted in favour of the creation of an Estonian section at EEB4 on 18 December 2014. This decision would be reflected in the enrolment guidelines for 2016-17 and we expect to be giving a warm welcome to Estonian families in September 2016.

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