WW1 Exhibition Laeken

To commemorate the Great War of 1914-1918 the History teachers and students at the European School, Brussels 4 are organising an exhibition which will take place in the school in December 1914. The aim of the exhibition is to create an awareness of the Great War, to provide primary source documents as well as a web site which will provide useful information and other materials of interest on this momentous period of history. It is hoped to examine the Great War from the perspective of the different countries that took part in the war and examine various aspects of the period: reasons for the war, the war on the eastern and western fronts, the role of women, the home fronts, technology, propaganda etc. We have already collected primary source documents, but we are aware that those associated with the school may have material which may enhance the exhibition and who would be prepared to loan them for the duration. Items that you may have include memories, diaries, letters, photographs, letters, weapons etc. Besides commemorating the Great War the exhibition allows students to engage in first hand research and benefit them when it comes to studying the topic in Year 6. If you have items that you think would be on interest and are prepared to make them available for the duration of the exhibition could you contact Gerard Moran (gerard.moran@eeb4.eu); Christoph Duennald (christoph.duennald@eeb4.eu) or Lucile Hery (Lucile.hery@eeb4.eu).

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