Why should I learn Chinese?

chinaLast year, the school proposed Chinese lessons to students in Secondary.  The APEEE was asked to take over the organisation and they became part of our extra-curricular activities prgramme.  This year they are again being offered by the APEEE…so why should you/ your child take part?

A lot of people speak it! Mandarin Chinese is the official language of China. It is effectively spoken by nearly 900 million people.  It is the MOST widely spoken language in the world.

It is a hard language but not as hard as is sometimes suggested. Chinese is a tonal language – and this is what most people find complicated in the spoken language.  Spoken grammar is actually relatively simple…no verb conjugations…no tenses.

You will learn about lots of other things. China has an immensely rich history and culture. The extra-curricular activites course is not just focused on language acquisition – the idea is to explore the Chinese culture more generally.

It will open up other opportunities within the school: The school has a good relationship with China. We hosted a New Year celebration and as is set out in the 2014 school plan, a three year programme with the Chinese Mission allows the School to send students to China during the summer holidays.

How do I find our more? On Friday 14 November, there will be 2 presentations at 12:15 and 13:00 for secondary students on the courses being offered at EEB4. All interested secondary pupils are welcome.  The teachers will be there, together with the Extra-curricular activities language coordinator.  


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