Calling parent (and secondary student) volunteers!

Somerfesto is all about getting to know the school, other parents, students and teachers while having some fun and hopefully raising some funds along the way. A great way to do so is to volunteer for an hour or two helping out! You never who you might meet or what new skill you could learn!

We have divided the organisation into different areas of activities, with coordinators. If you have questions or want to help coordinate one of the stands please contact the following:

– Games: please contact Diane Werhert [ diane.werhert@ep.europa.eu ]

– Super Team – logistics set up: please contact kieran Lea [ kieran.anseo@gmail.com ]

– Snacks Stands (candy-floss, ice-cream, popcorn, coffee, etc): please contact Laura Lucchini [ somerfesto@yahoo.com ]

– Food Stands: your Section rep will be in contact

– Disco: please contact Pascal Manzano: [ manzano.pascal@gmail.com ]


To volunteer to help with stands/activities on the day please click below

I want to Volunteer!



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