Update from the HSWG


It has been a busy few weeks for the Health and Safety Working Group (HSWG).

School access: As many of you will be aware, the school changed the access policy to the school site immediately after the half-term break. This was to implement the recommendations of a security report received by the school during the holidays which identified serious concerns about the safety of the bus parking area. The HSWG organized an urgent meeting to explain the situation to parents which took place on Thursday 5 June. This was followed up with a meeting attended by Harriet Kirby, Director of the Primary/Nursery on 18 June 2014. The HSWG is continuing to follow this issue and to work with the school to ensure that any further changes are communicated well in advance of the next school year. Constructive feedback from all parents on the new arrangements is always welcome.

In addition, a group of parents within the HSWG has set up a survey on access to the school. Please take the time to fill it in before July 14 2014.

In parallel, the school and the APEEE are continuing to work with the Commune which has recently confirmed that it will be implementing proposals to improve the signaling on the Drève Saint Anne.

In addition to this, we repeat our previous request that parents who come by car pay extreme attention when entering and exiting the car parking facilities. Some parents continue to drive recklessly and without paying attention to the presence of children on the pavements. The safety of our children depends on us all!

Although the issue of school access has dominated the HSWG agenda recently, the work of the group is much wider. If you are interested in joining, please contact hswg@bru4.eu

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