Service Transport – Second départ les mardis et jeudis après-midi

The second bus service on Tuesdays and Thursdays is now running and there are places available on all lines.  If you have a child enrolled in an extra-curricular activity or if you would like your child to enrol in an extra-curricular activity and would like to use the second bus service, this is now an option.

Please consult the list of lines and stops at the link below.

Once you have identified the line and the stop, please contact the transport office to take up a place. Please note, there are a limited number of places and they will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

If you are not yet enrolled for the activities on a Tuesday or Thursday, please consult the online enrolment system via the website where you will find the list of activities which still have open places and where you can complete the enrolment process.


Important information

1. As these lines were designed for older children (S3/S4) there are no monitors on the buses and none are envisaged.

2. There is a charge for using this service if you are not already enrolled for transport.  The charge is 5 euros per journey.

3. Children must be collected at the designated stop on time. 

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