Transport developments

BusOccasional Bus Tickets now available

If you are interested in purchasing a ticket to use another bus route, this is now possible. Whilst there are some technical issues which have led to a delay, a solution will be found if you need to use this service. Please contact

Commission agrees to treat Schuman Bus as a reimbursable second line

The PMO of the Commission informed the APEEE at the end of October that it will treat the Schuman Bus as a second line which it will reimburse the costs of provided that the maximum allowance is not exceeded. At the moment, this only applies to those parents for whom the PMO is responsible. The APEEE has contacted all other relevant institutions and agencies to inform them of this position and to request that they follow this decision. 

School Allowances – ever wondered how to calculate them?

If you work at the Commission and you want to work out the school allowances but don’t know where to begin, there in an online tool which can help:

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