Tips for the start of term


New to the school? Just started in Primary or Secondary? Generally confused about how and whom to contact about what? Here is a basic guide to help you work out who does what!

Questions about transport/canteen/extra-curricular activities?

The APEEE runs the buses, the canteen and the extra-curricular activities programme ( ‘the services’). If you have an issue with any of these:

          1. First, check our website – there is a lot of information on the services on the dedicated pages which are updated.
          2. Second, check your online enrolment page – this is where you will find details of the status of your enrolments and any payments that are outstanding.
          3. Finally, please only telephone the office if you can’t find answers elsewhere – the phones are very busy and our staff also need time to carry on processing applications.

Questions about the garderie?

The APEEE does not organise the garderies!

We have some info on childcare on the APEEE website. If this doesn’t help, you will need to contact the OIB!

Questions about timetables/ teaching arrangements?

The timetables are organised by the school and the lunch hours/ bus departure times and timings for all activities are determined in relation to the timetable provided by the school to the APEEE. If you have an issue which relates to timetabling or your class arrangements, it is likely that it is the school that is able to help you. Please remember there is also a lot of information available on the school website.

Another useful source of information is your class representative(s). Don’t forget to elect them at your teacher parent meeting! Class reps play a key role in representing parents and in ensuring communication channels flow smoothly throughout the year. Details of the roles and responsibilities of class reps are on the APEEE website.

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