Timely payment necessary for APEEE services

Dear parents,

We noticed that since the beginning of the school year, some children have eaten at the canteen without being registered.

Please make sure to check with your child that she/he is not using one of our services if the enrolment and the payment are not up-to-date.

Please note however that it is still possible to register to our services.

Thank you to take note of the following escalating invoicing procedures:

1. A first kind reminder will be sent out to you should you have forgotten.

2. The second reminder will be charged and will generate an additional invoice covering our administrative costs

3. If no payment has been received within the given timeline juridical steps will grasp with equivalent costs.

4. Access to other services would also be closed to you.

Thank you for your help and cooperation in this matter.

Your  APEEE Team


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