You can purchase an unlimited number of occasional tickets in a school year. 

Please note the following aspects of the transport rules:

  • In order to use the school transport service (including occasional tickets), you need to have paid the yearly membership fee for the APEEE (see point 2 of the rules).

  • The option to occasionally use the school transport service is subject to seats being available on the bus line requested. The APEEE is unable to guarantee that a seat will be available in the requested bus. Please do not tell your child to get on a bus unless and until you have had confirmation that a seat is available for your child on that bus.

  • Requests have to be made at least 24 hours in advance and can only be made for use in the 15 calendar days following the request.

  • Except where specified below, ticket requests must be made online. The online system searches for available seats on the requested bus lines and authorises or refuses the request for a ticket accordingly.

  • Please contact the Transport team (phone: 02 474 10 94-97-96 or before using the online system if:

    • You need a ticket for the drop off at Schuman on Friday lunchtime

    • Your child is not currently enrolled in the transport service. The service is available but only in exceptional circumstances and with prior authorisation.

The ticket price is fixed at:

-3,00€ for a one way ticket for children already enrolled to use the school transport service.

-5,00€ for a one way ticket for children not enrolled to use the school transport service.

Payment can currently only be made via a PayPal account. You will need to set one up if you don’t have one already.

The online booking system for tickets for occasional changes to bus routes and occasional use of the school transport service is available here. Please follow the instructions once you have logged in.

Important note regarding insurance:

We would like to remind you that in the event of an accident, children are only covered by the School insurance if they are travelling from school to their home, garderie site or officially registered second residence. If children are using an occasional ticket to travel to any other destination, parents need to ensure that they are adequately covered by private insurance for their journey.

The option to use occasionally the transport service depends on the seats availability in the requested bus line. There is no guarantee that a seat is available in the requested bus. Reason why the request has to be done 24h before use.


ATTENTION: the ticket system is not available or authorised before the 1st of October, as the Transport Office reserves the month of September in order to stabilize the network of bus lines, which updates yearly the bus lines.

However, it will be possible to request exceptionally one or more occasional transport tickets in case of illness (upon providing a medical certificate) or force majeure during the month of September.

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