Somerfesto – Thank you !

Dear Parents

Somerfesto being the only whole school event is the most important occasion of our school calendar – at least until we celebrate our first BAC later this year! Thank you all for joining in the fun.

APEEE, your parents association, is delighted to have begun the integration of Somerfesto into our structures and so offer it support. We would like to thank all of the parents committees who have given our children such an enjoyable event annually since Somerfesto began in 2009 on the Berkendael site.

We especially thank this year’s Somerfesto team of committed parents who with the change to a May date and the later than usual announcement of the date, had three months less in which to organise this year’s Somerfesto. You are all Angels!

Thanks must also go to the various school and APEEE teams who supported the organising committee: teachers, administration, logistics, security and canteen. The Somerfesto organising committee and APEEE consider all of these to be Angels throughout the year and are hugely appreciative of all they do for our children.

We look forward to further integrating Somerfesto into APEEE and trust that we can count on your support and understanding.

In the meantime enjoy the holidays!

Catherine DAGUET-BABICH, President of the APEEE BXL 4


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