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NOW is the time to act!

Letter Writing Campaign (until Friday, 29 November 2013)

Goal: Staff members at the EU and Category II institutions, draft a short letter to decision makers in your institution, highlighting your concern over proposed changes to the European School secondary curriculum.

More details

Letter templates

Parents’ Associations Petition: (until Friday, 29 November)

Goal: The Brussels and Luxembourg parents’ associations have worked to create a petition laying out parents’ concerns about the proposed secondary studies reform/reorganisation.

Online petition on Ixelles school site

Lobby Member State Decision Makers (until Friday, 29 November 2013)

Goal: Secondary studies reform and cost sharing will be treated together under this action to approach members of the Board of Governors before their meeting which starts on December 3rd.

Coordination by school per Member State

If you can help, please contact Sarah at

Do you have more questions? Thinking of signing the petition? Want to know to whom you can write?…

NEW! Download this update on funding, cost-sharing and proposals for reorganisation of Secondary Studies.

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