Secondary Options

The APEEE is aware that the choice of options in secondary is an issue of concern to many parents at different levels in secondary.

For students going from S2 to S3, it transpired during the information meeting of this beginning of March that there were concerns over the choice between Latin/ICT for the current school year.  The School has published  a reference document “Change of subject or level”on its website which sets out the conditions for modifying options. 

For students higher up in the secondary school particularly those who are selecting options for the BAC, the APEEE is aware that there are serious concerns over what courses will be available. At a meeting between representatives of the APEEE and the Direction on 3 March, the school reiterated that it will apply for derogations in certain subjects so as to be able to offer courses despite not having the minimum number of students ordinarily required.

There remain, however, many unanswered questions. The APEEE is following these matters closely and they will be raised in the Education Council. In the meantime, the school has indicated that parents should contact David Cole where they have particular concerns. If you want to contact the pedagogical team who is working on this issue, please email:

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