Se mettre à table – is launched!


As previously advertised, the canteen has launched a new working group with parents to explore different themes in the canteen. The working group is led by Stéphan, the Canteen Manager. The parent who is following canteen issues for the CA is Tobias Stricker. The working group is open to all parents in the school.Read on for a report on their first meeting.

The Working Group “Se mettre à table” met for the first time on 27 January 2015 to launch the project and to look at nutrition in our school.  These meetings are informal and entertaining – in fact a lovely table had been laid for the occasion!semettreatable

Each of the participants introduced themselves (parents and staff). The Canteen manager Stephan let us choose from a selection of themed topics and the first one was “they only each rubbish” – a problem for little and big children alike! A questionnaire was handed out. An assessment of the current situation will be made on the basis of the answers to the questionnaire – the WG will define what it wanst to achieve and how that could be implemented. We will keep you posted!

The next meeting is on 24 February 2015 from 12 :30 to 14 :30. Any parents who want to join the working group are welcome! Contact


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