School Access Policy – meeting 18th Sept.

The new school year has brought some substantial changes concerning the access rules to our school, especially for Nursery parents. These changes were detailed by the school in their ‘welcome’ message at the beginning of September.

Many parents have now expressed their wish to discuss and comment on the new access policy, especially the new drop-off and pick-up policy for nursery children in the M-building. The APEEE has already scheduled meetings with the school in order to review the current situation and we would very much like to hear and understand all parents concerns.

We are therefore pleased to invite interested parents to a meeting on Thursday 18th September at 8.20am (meeting point in front of the staircase/rotunda to the cantine).

Should you have specific remarks or suggestions that you would like to share in advance or if you are not able to attend the meeting, please send these by email to the following email address:

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