School Access – Dreve Sainte Anne


pedestrianAs ever growing numbers of pupils arrive at school by foot, bike or car, the urgency to improve access via the Dreve Sainte Anne is ever more pressing. Here is an update on the latest developments from the Health and Safety Working Group.


Another issue which directly affects the safety of our children is the access and mobility issues we face on the Drève Ste-Anne. The combination of high volumes of motorised traffic, school buses and pedestrians and cyclists is challenging and continues to raise concerns.

The APEEE has recently met with the School and the Regie des Bâtiments (the Belgian organism that is responsible for all building and site aspects of our school) and is in direct contact with the City of Brussels to renew its requests that improvements are introduced. We have once again particularly expressed our concern regarding the difficult bus access to our school, urging the RdB to take appropriate measures. The RdB has now confirmed that it will enlarge the bus entry gate. We are now waiting for a precise time schedule.

We also repeated our efforts to highlight the importance of creating a new pedestrian access to the school for the Nursery children (between the underground parking entry and the exterior wall (café ‘Cantina’). The RdB has confirmed that it is looking into it and a feasibility study is foreseen. We hope that these measures will be implemented in the near future and we are monitoring this closely.

In addition to this, we are of course following up on the essential improvements needed in terms of traffic control on the Drève Ste-Anne. We are in constant contact with the City of Brussels and a meeting with them is scheduled before the end of this school term to discuss and review this. The measures that are foreseen should ensure that the traffic speed and the security of our children is better adapted to the increasing number of children coming or leaving the school by foot, by bicycle or by car.

In the meantime we ask all of you to be vigilant – please slow your speed and pay attention to other more vulnerable road users. 

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