School year 2012-2013


To use one of the services, all payments due to the Parents association must be done, including payments due for other APEEE services (transport and extracurricular activities) AND the membership fee must be paid. The membership fee (one per family) is to be paid to the Parents Association Brussels IV account by the 1st September of each year. Details about the amount and account number are to be found on the APEEE website (  Please note that non-payment of one or more sums due prevent to re-enrolment to all services.  In addition, the Parents association reserves the right to suspend or cancel the subscription for the current year due to non–payment and to sue its legal rights.

– The enrolment form must be completed and sent to the Parents Association office (canteen service) between 15th June and 6th July. Enrolment and amounts dues are for the whole school year.  Cancellations during the school year are possible only for medical reasons or departure from school. Any cancellation must be made by written, at least three weeks before the date of entry into force. Cancellation with immediate effect is not possible except for a medical reason justified by a medical certificate (for example, discovery of an allergy).

– Any information relayed to teachers, educational counsellors or other members of staff does not replace the obligation to complete and send the form to the Parents Association (canteen service) within the deadline.

– The Association does not have any information other than that given to them by the parents.


– Pupils who bring their own lunch will be under the school supervision, in a separated room. Nursery pupils will have a place in the canteen.


– A user can sign up for 3 or 4 meals per week (except Wednesday). On Wednesdays only children going to the Commission after-school childcare can eat at the canteen, this meal is included in the costs of the child-minding centre, it is not billed by the Association.

– For information: Commission after-school childcare: 02/295.09.45.


– Users can buy a meal-ticket in the Association office (canteen service), at the latest the day before use. It should be given to canteen staff before the meal.

– The cost of an occasional meal is more expensive than for those enrolled.

ATTENTION: Any person (children or adult) who use the canteen service and who is not enrolled or has not informed the staff or has no ticket, will be charged 7€ per meal.

– The Canteen does not take credit: when requesting a ticket it must be paid for and there is no refund.



– The fixed prices for the current year will be confirmed when the budget is discussed and accepted during the annual General Assembly of the Association (in December or January of the school year).

Given the uncertainty of the move to Laeken, the prices listed below are indicative.  An adjustment will take place in September / October and a revised indicative price will be published.

The indicative price list is:

•    Students subscription 3 meals a week: 797.44 €/year

•    Students subscription 4 meals a week: 858.69 €/year

•    Subscription for families with 3 children or more: Families with 3 children or more are entitled to a 10% reduction of the total amount.

•    Tickets for occasional meals: 7€/ticket

•    Teachers subscription 3 meals a week: 797.44 €/year

•    Teachers subscription 4 meals a week: 858.69 €/year

– The dates and prices per term are shown on the enrolment form available on the Association website:

– These prices also include the packed lunch for the punctual outings organised by the school (see point IV – Menus).

– Payment is due before the beginning of term and by the deadlines (1st September, 1st December and 1st April).

– An enrolment will not be taken into account if previous member ship fee and or bills have not been paid and registration will be suspended if a term is not paid for. The suspension of enrolment doesn’t release from the payment of due sums. If you find yourself in this case, you must bring your payments up to date (contact the accounts service: ).


– The Parents association will refund the part of the enrolment not used for children who leave the school during the school year.

– In the case of absence of at least three consecutive weeks on medical grounds the Parents association will refund the price of meals not taken from the week they receive information about the absence accompanied by a medical certificate.



– In the case of late enrolment (after the beginning of the school year) the price is calculated from the first day of the month that enrolment starts.

– If you wish your child to have meals before the enrolment start date it is possible to buy individual tickets for each meal.


– Payment to the Canteen is to be paid in advance for each term before September 1st, December 1st and April 1st.  The price lists are published on the APEEE website.  Only the last price lists published on the web are valid.

Payments can be done:
1- By direct debit (see the form to send to your bank on the website).

2- By bank transfer to the Association account no.:132-5315452-87. You must pay in advance for each term. Please indicate in the “message” the surname, name and class of the pupil.



– Non-payment for a term will result in the immediate suspension of the enrolment and also permanent exclusion from the canteen if non-payment reoccurs.  The exclusion of enrolment doesn’t release from the payment of due sums and the days of exclusion will not be reimbursed.

– Decision of exclusion is not subject to appeal.

– After a second reminder, the Association will be forced to take legal action to recover the amounts outstanding.


– The Canteen Committee try to serve meals that children from diverse cultures will enjoy while respecting a balanced diet, taking into account the organisational constraints and discipline in the restaurant.

– At the school’s request the canteen will replace the normal meals with a packed lunch for children enrolled at the canteen who go on school outings.

– A different menu is offered every day and published on the Association website.

– Due to the numbers enrolled it is not possible to create personal menus for special diets, illnesses, religions or allergies.

– In unforeseen circumstances (electricity cuts, water cuts, …) we reserve the right to adapt the menu accordingly.


– Parents of regular enrolled children whose payments are up-to-date are invited to come and eat one free meal per term and per family. The Association office should be informed in advance.


– In the dining hall, students must follow the rules below:
•    show courtesy to other students, service personnel or other person in the restaurant;
•    do not run or scream or push other students;
•    during the lunch avoid waste of food, clear their plate and cutlery, store the chair when leaving and ensure the cleanliness of the premises;
•    the meal must be consumed within the dining hall.

– In addition to school counselors, supervisors and security service, any person belonging to the school or administrative staff and service is required to apply the school regulations.


– This rule also applies to school and Association staff, who, for service reasons, eat with the children.

– School and Association staff who are not in service may also use the canteen, the same rules applying except the meals will be served in a separate room provided by the school.

– The Canteen timetable is published on the Association website.

– An enrolment form must be completed.

VII – The present regulation can be modified during the school year.

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