Rules Cafeteria

Rules Cafeteria 

1. Access to the cafeteria

  • Access to the cafeteria is confined to the holders of a valid identity badge issued by the school to teaching staff, pupils, EEB4 personnel etc.
  • The cafeteria’s opening hours are displayed in the cafeteria and on the APEEE website.
  • Food purchased in the cafeteria may be consumed on the premises of the cafeteria or taken away to be consumed elsewhere. When food is consumed on the grounds of the school, the general school rules apply.

2. Prices

  • The price list, together with the list of the items for sale, is displayed at the cafeteria and on the APEEE website.

3. Payment

  • Cash is not accepted.
  • Payment can only be made using a payment badge.
  • The payment badge is the identity badge provided by the school, which has been validated by the APEEE.

Note: at the beginning of each school year pupils may be required to use the badge of the previous year, until the badges for the current year are issued.

  • The payment badge is personal to its owner, and cannot be used by any other person.
  • The person exercising parental authority over the child is responsible for ensuring that there are sufficient funds on the badge.
  • Money put on the payment badge will not be refunded.
  • The application “DAO School” can be used to add money to the payment badge, to consult the usage of the payment badge and to receive notifications in case of insufficient balance.
  • Each person exercising parental authority over a child using the services of the canteen will receive an email giving a login and password for the “DAO School” application. They will need to activate their customer account and online payment via PayPal, for which they will also need to open a PayPal account (

4. Loss of a payment badge

  • If the person does not have a payment badge or if the badge is invalid, that person will not be able to purchase food in the cafeteria.
  • If the badge has been lost, the holder must:
        (i) urgently go to the manager of the canteen to have the card blocked and;
        (ii) ask the school to issue a replacement
  • The school may charge a fee to replace a lost card.
  • The APEEE declines all responsibility in the case of loss or theft.

5. Non-functioning of a payment badge

  • If the badge doesn’t work, and if there are sufficient funds on the badge, the holder should ask the manager of the canteen to check that there is not a technical issue with the badge.

6. Expected behaviour from users of the cafeteria

  • Users of the cafeteria should behave in a dignified and calm manner at all times. No running, shouting or pushing other people are allowed.
  • Politeness and courtesy must be shown to all, especially to cafeteria staff and persons in a position of authority.
  • Students should queue for their food in an orderly and calm fashion and follow the flow according to the “first come first served” principle.
  • If the student has not received his/her food before the beginning of their school class course, he/she will have to give priority to attending the class, and try to return later to the cafeteria
  • The eating area should be left clean and tidy.
  • Rubbish should be placed in the correct bins.
  • Pupils are encouraged not to waste food.
  • Respect the equipment installed in the cafeteria.
  • Teachers, administrative and service staff are authorized to enforce the school and APEEE regulations, in addition to advisors, supervisors and the security services.

7. Non-compliance with these rules

  • The cafeteria is a service provided by the APEEE.
  • The APEEE reserves the right to exclude any person in possession of a badge whose behaviour would be contrary to the rules in force at the school and the APEEE.

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