Report on SEC


pedgroupsOn 16 October 2014, the first SEC of this school year took place.  The formal minutes are not yet available but the topisc discussed included the following:

  • A review of the start of the school year – there are many new staff members this year! Lockers had to be re-programmed.
  • Follow up from the Whole School Inspection Report – need for more management support, harmonisation across sections, differentiated learning, behaviour, 1 staff member to prepare S6/7
  • Details of the discussions in the Joint Teaching Committee on a proposal to change the marking scheme
  • School trips
  • Careers fair for S5 on 21 November 2014 – at Tour & Taxis. There is a project underway to set up a work experience scheme.
  • End of year report
  • Student exchanges – you can go to the US or China as well as to another European School
  • Tablets – the pilot project is in place and will be launched December/January
  • New supervision plan
  • 2 new Education Councillors have joined our school

The APEEE was represented by the VP Pedagogical Affairs, Iseult Lennon Hudson:

Parents from the EN and NL sections also participated.


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