Question about the online enrolment system? Read this first!

Trouble with our enrolment system? Read this first!

I can’t change the school year for my child

There is an error in the system. You do not need to do this. The school year for your child will be updated automatically after the end of the current school year. All the subscription statuses will remain as “Pending” or “Being processed” until then (July). For current M2 children who will enter P1 in September 2016, the cost for transport will also be updated automatically in July. For periscolaire, you should select the class level your child will be in in September 2016!

How do I pay?

The details appear in your child’s account. Please use the structured communication!

I have paid the cotisation of 50 euros but I put the wrong communication

Please email

There is no need to copy in the transport office, the periscolaire team or the secretariat or any other email address.

Now I have paid the cotisation how do I unblock access to a transport/ extracurricular activities enrolment?

It is sufficient to generate the cotisation payment request. Even though the status remains pending, you can proceed to enrol in transport/ extra-curricular activities

Why is my status pending for a payment I have made?

It takes some time for us to manually update the system. There is no need to email the office. Payments will be processed and statuses updated in due course. You can enrol in transport/extra-curricular activities.

Thank you!

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