Pedagogical Affairs – February update


pedgroupsIt’s a new year and a fresh impulse for parent involvement…

The APEEE Board has appointed Kristin Dijkstra (VP Ped), Karina Suleimanova (Vp Ped adjoint – N/P) and Martina Sindelar to work on Pedagogical Affairs, complemented by our school’s Interparents representatives Sarah Conyers Barber and Horst Nickels.

Parents who attended the last General Assembly on December 10, 2014 will be aware that the Assembly approved a motion to create Section Representatives at EEB4. The Assembly also recognized that while some parent working groups are functioning well, others need strengthening or re-activation.

The working groups will handle subjects such as: Behaviour and Anti-Bullying (N/P and S), Learning Support and SEN (N/P and S), Self-Esteem and Drug Prevention (SELFES, Secondary), Health & Security (N/P, S).

Parents with a particular interest or expertise are warmly encouraged to get involved. Anyone who wishes to become or remain a member of the Working Groups is requested to send an email to

With regards to Section Representation, an explanatory letter has been sent to all class representatives. Sections are encouraged to select a representative as soon as possible, in order to be able to prepare the next Education Councils on March 5 (N/P) and March 12 (S). An APEEE Board member from each section or the VP Pedagogcial Affairs will help organize these elections.

The Board members from each section are the following:

EN – Josephine Usher, Carla Sabeva, Sarah Conyers Barber, Patrick ten Brink, Paolo Raffone

FR – Karina Suleimanova, Catherine Daguet, Marc Henriques de Granada, Nathalia Vandenberghe

NL – Kristin Dijkstra, Salima Atiaoui

DE – Martina Sindelar, Horst Nickels, Christian Drantmann, Tobias Stricker, Nora Karpati

IT – Michel Beati

RO – Bogdan Ambrosie

There is no member of the CA who has a child in the Bulgarian section. The Bulgarian section should contact if they require assistance with organising the selection of their section representatives

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