Payment for School Transport 2013-2014

Payment of the 3rd installment of the annual transport subscription will start on 1 March with term on 15 March.
Could you check if you paid the 2nd instalment and if not, you are requested to pay it.


The tariff for the year 2013-2014 is:

– 1.500 EUR (100%)
– 975 EUR (65%) ONLY FOR an additional line OR ONLY to the school childcare afternoon WITHOUT transportation in the morning

School transportation is to be paid in three installments:
– EUR 600 (100%) or 390 EUR (65%) for the first instalment for September 15, 2013

– EUR 600 (100%) or 390 EUR (65%) for the second instalment for January 15, 2014

– 300 EUR (100%) or 195 EUR (65%) for the third instalment for March 15, 2014

To be paid on the APEEE bank account Transport: BE25 1325 3154 4782 using structured communication contained in our registration system.

Bank: Delta Lloyd – BIC: BNAGBEBB

Bank domiciliations are NOT accepted anymore from this year.

For more information, please call us 02 474 10 96 or contact us by email at

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