Payment calendar year 2012-2013

Parents who use the services of the Parents Association (canteen / transport / extra-curricular activities) must pay a fee of € 50.00 (family premium) to cover our administration costs.
In order to vote at the General Assembly Class representatives must be up to date with their contributions.
This fee is payable on the 1st of September each year.
Bank account 132-5315455-90 (communication: name of your child).

Payment Date          3 meals / week                       4 meals / week
1/09/2012                      311.38                                     343.48
1/12/2012                      220.82                                     239.21
1/04/2013                      265.82                                     276.00
Bank account 132-5315452-87 (communication: name of your  child).

The total price for the year is provisionally set at € 1500.00 for transport  home / school and €975.00 for a trip to “Garderie” or just use of a second line (“garde alternée”). Payment is made in three installments on the following dates
Payment Date        home/school        Garderie or 2nd line
15/9/2012                      600.00                 390,00
15/01/2013                    600.00                 300,00
15/03/2013                    300.00                 285.00
Bank account 132-5315447-82 (communication: name of your  child).

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