PAD 2016 edition!

Saturday 28 May saw the third edition of the Performing Arts Day when children enrolled in musical and artistic activites have the oportunity to showcase their skills. This year, as well as recitals on the paino, violin and guitar, we were joined by singers and the school orchestra. The kids who participate in the art workshops put on a fantastic exhibition of their work. Participants were able to relax outside in the sunshine in between performances and enjoy the refreshments organised by the Community Fund Committtee who were fundraising to sustain the Community Fund. This also provided an excellent occasion for parents to see the trees which have been planted along the G Building as part of a European Hours project which the COmmunity Fund helped make possible.



Inspired by the musical and artistic talent on display? Enrolments for periscolaire activites for 2016 – 2017 are now open!

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