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Performing Arts 2015 – encore encore!

The APEEE organised its second edition of a Performing Arts Day on 20 March 2015. More than 140 children participated with enthusiasm and aplomb in this event which was the culmination of months of preparation with their monitors.

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Spread over two venues (the Salle Polyvalente and the music room), the programme included piano and guitar recitals, performances from the “Introduction to music” group and the rock group “school of rock”. In the recital room, Gergana, Maya and Pangiotis ensured that there was a great atmosphere to help our performers deliver their best. In the Salle polyvalente, Ana’s dance group kicked off with the show “Run” followed by the Primary School Choir. Under the direction of Annette Birk-Rickert, Mihaela Lazar and Christoph Schlesiger, the choir performed 4 different songs.

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Spectators could use the intervals to visit the art exhibition featuring artwork by the children enrolled in the Art workshop with Lilli, Sarah and Natalia which was based around the theme of music.

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Members of the Community Fund Committee organised refreshments and ran a cake stall to raise funds for the Community Fund. A total of 279.25 euros was raised and will be used to support projects for our school community.

A parent, Lisa, took some fantastic photos of the event. Please contact us at if you are interested in seeing any of them!

We would like to thank all those involved in making the day such a success and hope to see more of you at next year’s event!

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Performing Arts Day – 20/03/15, 13h -16h

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Dear Parents,

The APEEE is organising a Performing Arts Day which will take place on Friday 20 March 2015 from 13h to 16h in the salle polyvalente and in the music room. The school choir and the extra-curricular activities dance and music groups will be performing. You will have the chance to meet the music teachers. You are also invited to the Art Exhibition featuring artwork by the extra-curricular activities art class.

The exhibition will be located in the music room near to the refreshment stand where some light snacks and drinks will be on sale.

We hope that you will join us at this event which the children have been preparing since September.

Security Instructions

Parents must have a school badge to enter the school. The ID which is linked to your school badge might be requested at the entrance. You can request a badge here:

In order to attend the Performing Arts Day, you must bring this invitation on the day. If you don’t have it, entry will be refused. If you want to bring extra people, please inform

It is possible to park in the streets around the school. The school car park is reserved for deliveries and supervisors only.

During the performance, the children will be either under the responsibility of the school (choir) or the periscolaire monitors.

If your child is participating, please indicate this in his/her school agenda including details of how the child will leave the school (parents/babysitter/school bus/ garderie Laeken).

For more information about the security rules applicable in the school, please see:

Access to the performance venues

In order to ensure the best possible environment for the children to perform, entries and exits from the venues will only be possible at the beginning of the show, during official intervals and at the end of the show. The APEEE will be there to ensure that this is respected.

The rehearsal rooms can only be accessed by the children and the teacher/ APEEE monitor who is accompanying them.


A detailed programme will be displayed on the doors to the performance venues!

heure activité classe professeur participants
Salle de musique / Primary music room
13:10 piano primary music room Gergana Perendibazova Maylin, Mira, Oisin, Darragh
13:20 guitare & solfège / guitar & theory beginners primary music room Panagiotis Damianidis Francisco, Chiara, Horia Stefan, Anna, Andrei
13:25 guitare & solfège / guitar & theory advanced primary music room Panagiotis Damianidis Vaia, Darjan, Dries, Julius, Olivia
13:30 guitare / Guitar primary music room Panagiotis Damianidis Jonathan
13:35 éveil musical / introduction to music primary music room Panagiotis Damianidis Anna, David, Joana Alicia, Léna, Marie, Magda, Andrea, Giulia, Yago
13:40 piano primary music room Maya Peszko Pierre , Anda , Zoe, Ilinca, Bente, Sarah, Gillian, Veronica, Ivan, Astrid, Shirin, Matei, Alicia
14:00 pause
14:45 chant & solfège / singing & theory primary music room Maya Peszko Ioana Ilinca, Lukas, Henry, Mila, Maria-Sofia, Lyna, Lena, Valvanera, Eulalia Fatima, Eva, Ambre, Dimitri
Salle polyvalente
14:20 initiation à la danse / introduction to dance salle polyvalente Ana Cembrero Maria-Sofia, Carla, Eva, Lucile, Anaïs, Hannah, Carl, Sacha, Eva, Andréa, Hannah, Lara
14:25 Chorale de l’école / school’s choir salle polyvalente Annette Birk-Rickert,
Mihaela Lazar,
Christoph Schlesiger
Remi, Thomas, Stephan, Leander, Sarah, Diana, Luc, Laura, Alexander, Julius, Suwan, Emma, Sebastian, Pauline, Luka, Esther, Perl, Ofelia, Darragh, Kendra, Anna, Isabel, Chiara, Sirah, Maëlia, Emma, Olivia, Marita, Shanya, Maya, Maria, Mila, Julia, Laurette, Andréa, Michel, Jeanne, Iseult, Sacha, Ivan, Sandra, Sara, Marcello, Mia, Elias, Eliza, Nelia Iunia, Paula, Arthur, Annika, Charlotte, Sven, Ella, Julian, Garance Céleste, Sevda, Enzo, Stefania, Margot, Veronica, Dora, Brune, Irina, Quitterie, Romane, Lea, Kezia Lilly Beate, Lucia, Marta, Benedita, Leah, Matilda, Sofia, Elliott, Norah, Noémie, Raffaella, Dounia
14:55 fin de l’évènement

Exhibition and buffet

Drinks, muffins and snacks will be on sale in the Exhibition room.


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