Notes from the Joint Education Council 25th April

Report by the Management from the Board of Governors

The BoG agreed to fund the following posts in EEBIV:

1 Head Accountant (Deputy for Mrs Cheron), 1 Secretary (to be responsible 50 % for enrolments and 50 % for the Secondary),  1 lab technician, ½ post for a psychologist, ½ post for a librarian, ½ post for a workman,.

(The school is actively seeking locally employed teachers for the english section. Several advertisements have been placed.)

The Budget for 2014 was approved.

Report from the Working Group on Health and Security

Following the gas leak at the Woluwé school, the four Brussels European Schools are working with the Commission to improve the general security and any evacuation plans. 

The school is identifying accident risk spots around the school  site with the help of the nurses.

N.B Climbing on the balustrades next to the canteen is strictly forbidden!

Report from the Playground Working Group

The Playground Working Group presented their 5 year plan to set up and design the school yard including playground facilities and green spaces. The nursery playground is almost finished and P1 and P2 have received their first items for the playground as well as bikes, trikes and scooters. More equipment for the higher classes will follow – wooden stages, football goals, picnic tables etc. A soft safety surface will be installed on the central play area between the PRIM and the SEC. The school budget is limited and any additional financial support from the parents (via initiatives as the sale of the sweatshirts or the Somerfesto) are most welcome.

New Timetable from September 2013

In order to provide the extra hours necessary for S3 & S4 options the timetable will be rescheduled for the next school year :

On Tuesdays and Thursdays S3 and S4 will finish school at 16h10. The additional time should mainly be dedicated to Learning Support, Options and Périscolaire activities.

For MAT through to S2  the hours will be 8h15 to 15h20 every day but Wednesday. The Wednesday timetable remains unchanged.

All students should have a free period either before or after lunch to ensure that they have sufficient time to eat.

Self service in the canteen will be offered from 12h10 to 13h30. The location for the tartinists is not yet decided.

Timetable on Friday 5 July 2013

This is the last school day before the summer holiday. School will finish at 12h35. The canteen will offer only cold meals. No European Hours will be organized. The Garderies are open.

Transition MAT/PRIM; P5/S1 and S3/S4

Class teachers are working to ensure a smooth transition from one step to the other.

Opening of Romanian Section

The school plans to organise an opening ceremony for this section similar to the one for the opening of the Bulgarian Section. The details are not yet determined.

Priorities for the Next School Year

The school presented its general priorities for the next school year, amongst which are the development of a cultural identity in Europe, Europe in the world, Knowledge and Key Competences and Sciences. The school plan will be developed on the basis of these priorities and should be adopted by the School Advisory Council at the end of May.

To implement these priorities several working groups will continue to work. Some WG only involve teachers whilst others either have or will have parent reps. Amongst these are working groups on Behaviour, Swals, Transition, the Selfes-team, Sexual Education, Somerfesto and the School Environment.

For the Secondary no working groups on Swals or Sexual Education are deemed necessary, as the current structures are judged to be sufficient (syllabus etc). However, a parent representative from Secondary might take part in these Primary working groups in order to provide continuity and experience.

There are a couple of projects and workshops are projected for the next school year. Some are already standard such as the Book Week &  Art Week but in addition new social awareness projects are planned, e.g. relating to an older generation, tolerance, awareness of disabilities / different abilities etc.

The school confirmed that it has enough resources to run these working groups without compromising the basic curriculum.

School  Orchestra

To help kickstart the creation of a school orchestra the school will purchase several musical instruments and offer paid music lessons.  Students would be able to rent instruments for these courses.

School Trips

Some parents consider the cost of school trips to be unreasonably high. The school is aware of this and tries to keep these costs as low as possible without compromising the comfort and security of the students. Iin an effort to keep the costs low the teachers themselves organise the trips, rather than a professional travel agent, but the school is considering adding a travel cancellation insurance which might increase the costs. 

It is difficult to ensure parity of costs when it comes to school trips to different L2 countries. These trips preferably take place when there are no holidays in the country of destination since it is likely the price would then be higher. A detailed breakdown of costs is provided  for each trip.


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