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Children from Mat1 to S2 who, in principle, finish school at 15h05 have priority for the 1st bus departure. If your S3 to S7 child ends his/her school day at 15h 05 and wants to take the 1st departure at 15:20, please take the following steps.

1. Write a note in the school agenda stating that 1st & last name – parent, authorise my Child’s 1st & last name to leave the school at 15:05.

2. Indicate in this note the bus number and the 1st departure corresponding bus stop code.

3. Your child must than come to the transport office (building S) during the morning break to have your authorisation validate (APEEE Transport stamp).

4. Only then your child will be authorised to get on the bus, subject to the condition that free seats are available once all the children of 1st departure (Mat1 to S2) are seated.


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