New Section Reps! FR, RO, IT

Over the past month a number of sections have appointed their representatives in line with the motion passed at the General Assembly!

Francophone Section: For Secondary: Veronica Gavriliadis (S1-S2-S3), Nora Boukhoubza (S4-S5) and Isabelle de Lassus. For Nursery/Primary:Anissa Rehailia and Ambar Liétar. You can contact them all at:

Romanian Section: Ruxandra Radu. You can contact her at:

Italian section: For secondary: Ombretta Moschella. You can contact her at: For Nursery/Primary: Valeria Granata and Paola Carniel.

 There are still no appointments in the Dutch, German or Bulgarian sections. Are you interested in becoming a rep? Do you need to organise a selection process? Contact the relevant CA members via

Dutch section: Kristin Dijkstra, Salima Atiaoui

German section: Martina Sindelar, Horst Nickels, Nora Karpati, Tobias Stricker, Christian Drantmann

The Bulgarian section should contact as there is no current CA member with a child in that section.The next round of Education Councils are coming up. If you have points to make, please contact your section reps! The next edition of the newsletter will have a report on what has been discussed. Watch this space!

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