N/P Education Council – October 2015


pedgroupsThere are three N/P EC each academic year, two of which fall in this term.  Section representatives will have been in touch with their sections to canvass points but read on for an overview of what was discussed. Fuller details are available from your reps as pending approval of the minutes, we are uble to publish them in full.

The first N/P Education Council took place on 8 October 2015. The APEEE was represented by Martina Sindelar. In addition the DE, EN and RO sections were represented by their section reps. The topics that were discussed included health and safety including in the vicinity of the school (Dreve Sainte Anne). Improvements are on the Regis de Batiments “to do list”.  The issues will be followed up by the Health and Safety Working Group, although the last meeting of that group was postponed. There was also an update on various activities in the school (Confucius classroom, swimming classes, and priorities for the year ahead). Other discussions included class trips and the need for a Social Fund.

The second N/P Education Council took place on 19 November 2015. A summary of the issues discussed will be published as soon as possible.

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