N/P Education Council – March 2015


pedgroupsThe N/P Education Council was prepared and attended by Section Representatives from the EN, FR and RO sections, as well as the VP and Deputy VP Pedagogical Affairs and the APEEE Working Group Coordinator.  The first part of the meeting was dedicated to Safety and Security in and around the school, as well as access for Nursery School children and parents. The parent representatives encouraged the Directors to continue lobbying the commune to improve road safety on the Drève Ste Anne and the and the Régie des Bâtiments for better access to the Nursery building.

The parents also requested that the school officially remind all parents of school hours and the importance of each parent using responsible driving and parking behaviour for the safety of all.

Other points discussed included:

  • The Community Fund, which can be used to support student, parent and teacher initatives in the school.  Guidance and application forms can be found on the APEEE website.
  • New School Report – the report sent in January was the first implementation of a new format that will be used across the European School system. There were a number of technical problems, which have been signaled and are being evaluated and fixed. An explanation of the “plus” system (+, ++, +++, ++++) will be developed and communicated to parents.
  • Swimming – the School will make enquiries with the Laeken municipal swimming pool in May.
  • Quiet Room – The Quiet Room, located upstairs in the N/P Library, is available to children P3 and older. All teachers inform their classes about this room, and children may visit it during their break time 3x/week. The teachers organise a schedule so that the children take turns.
  • Typing lessons – fall within the ICT curriculum. Parents with queries should contact their Section Coordinator or class teacher for specifics.
  • Classroom furniture – the School confirms that teachers may request additional furniture for their classrooms.

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