Issue 9 – February 2015

Dear Parents

February is here and the Carnival holidays are rapidly approaching. It’s been a busy period for the APEEE as the new CA has got up and running and has been working on a number of issues.  In particular, the last few weeks have seen discussions leading up to the launch of the 2015-2016 enrolment policy,  the selection of section representatives by some sections and the first meeting of the new canteen working group “se mettre à table”.

This edition also brings you:

An interview with Catherine Daguet, the new President of the APEEE introduces herself.

An update on Eureka! – More volunteers needed as Eureka! expands to Secondary!

Minestrone Soup – the inside view on school meals – here’s what Zella has to say about a special kind of party.

HSWG update on safety around the school – with the Institutions of yellow alert, security remains a priority for many parents. In continued efforts to improve the safety of access to school, the APEEE has written to the Belgian Authorities to chase up on the works that were promised and haven’t materialised.

Section representatives – what are they and have you chosen yours? Read the overview from the APEEE ped team. See what opportunities are out there to join in.

Don’t forget to check out the dates for your diary section and our regular column, Love Laeken!, this time with a Valentine’s theme. Any contributions or announcements are welcome. Email


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