Issue 7 – December 2014

Dear Fellow Parents

Welcome to our last edition of 2014. It is also the final edition before this year’s General Assembly on 10th December. This time we bring you an interview with our new Deputy Director, David Cole, updates from the Education Councils and an insight in to volunteering for the CA of the APEEE.  Why not check out our regular section for some local insight – Love Laeken!

This is also an opportunity to say thank you to some of our core parent volunteers who are stepping down. To alight on a few individuals (although our thanks go to all those parents who have given their time and energy this year):

Joelle Salmon has been part of the CA for the last 8 years – i.e. from the very beginning. This year she has been President but this follows from years of working to set up the services which many of you now rely on.  Her knowledge and dedication will be missed. Ralph Wischermann is also stepping down after four years on the CA organising the transport.  His logistical skills and organisation will  be hard to replace. Another departure is our volunteer web manager, Nigel Freake.  The fact that this newsletter is available on line is only one of the contributions he has made to improving our communication. Although Nigel has not been on the CA this year, his (often behind the scenes) input has been greatly appreciated by those of us who rely on him!

Please consider joining the CA – especially those of you from the Italian, Romanian and Bulgarian sections which are currently not represented! The running of the APEEE depends on the input of volunteer parents – this does not mean you have to have special skills…although a sense of humour can help. Please also consider volunteering in other ways.  We are (as ever) very short of FR translators.  Almost 50% of our school community is in the French section.  We need your help to communicate to all of you! Interested? email

Finally, and although it is just the beginning of December, on behalf of our office and the CA, we wish you all a wonderful festive season!

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