Interparents comes to Laeken!


vareseWhat would you show off to visitors to our school? What do you most want to see when visiting other schools? INTERPARENTS will be meeting at EEBIV on October 6th-7th, hosted by Bru4 APEEE for a second time since our move to the Laeken site. The APEEE board is very grateful to the School Director for generously making available the Salle des Profs for the entire two days.
The main purpose of the meeting is to prepare for the JTC (Joint Teaching Committee) of the European School System on October 9th and 10th. We recognise however that it’s always fascinating to visit other European Schools and see how local Parent Associations operate so we will make sure there is time for a short tour of the campus and delegates will be sampling the delights of the canteen for lunch on Tuesday.
On the menu for the JTC are 41 items (so far!), supported by 37 primary documents and a raft of supporting material (thank goodness for laptops, tablets and WiFi so the online EURSC archive can be trawled for additional information as necessary during the meeting.)
Topics requiring an ‘opinion’ from the JTC include a proposal for a new marking scheme in Secondary (which has already been discussed ‘vigorously’ in the Working Group), a pilot Careers Guidance Syllabus for S2&3 and annual reports on failures & repeat rates and the Baccalaureate. We see that the possible introduction of L2 in Nursery is up for discussion, as are updates to educational support measures, parent access to copies of exams and a proposal concerning highly talented students in sport, music and art. We will be particularly interested in the Report of the Whole School Inspection undertaken for EEBIV earlier in the year and also the inception report produced by the external team brought in to evaluate proposals for the reorganisation of Secondary S4-7. As usual, the JTC draft agenda has only just been released and the supporting documents will become available in the coming days so there will be busy week of analysis and consultation ahead.
As ever, if you would like to help follow certain pedagogical issues for Bru4, please get in contact with


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