Human Science Room EN

…that the Human Science teachers in EEB4 have worked hard in recent months to develop a Human Science Projects Room. When the current orders have arrived and it is fully functioning, it will be a somewhat unique asset for a Second Level institution.

The project, which will be housed in a class room in the T-Building will consist of 5 key project areas:

A museum of the site here at EEB4. This local history project will document the different uses of the site and will include maps, photos, artefacts, historical records and personal testimonies.

An archaeology project where we shall construct a 3m x 1m fake archaeological pit filled with replica artefacts.

A permanent display of Rocks, Minerals and Fossils generously provided by the Dept. of Earth Sciences at ULB.

An experimental archaeology workshop.

A seismology project run in conjunction with Dr. Thomas Lecocq of the Royal Observatory in Brussels. 

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