How can I get involved in the APEEE?


It’s that time of year when there is a call for candidates to join the CA of the APEEE for a two year mandate. This year, due to a combination of resignations and Board members reaching the end of their mandate, 14 posts will become vacant. Ideally they would be filled by parents from a range of levels in the school and from all sections. But perhaps you are wondering what this commitment would involve? Or whether there are other ways to contribute to the APEEE. Here are some thoughts.

How much time does being on the CA take up? This is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string? The CA meets regularly – approximately every three weeks and those meetings last for at least 2 hours.  In addition, there are internal committees (e.g. Transport/Communications/Canteen/Extra-Curricular Activities) who also meet.  The amount of time it takes depends a lot on what issues you chose to get involved in.

Is it possible to combine the CA with work? Do I have to be at all those meetings? The current members of the CA are a mixture of working and non-working parents. The main criteria is enthusiasm and commitment. The ability to attend every meeting is not necessarily the best measure of what contribution you can make.

When are roles assigned? The CA will meet shortly after the GA (10 December 12:00 – 14H30 CCAB salle 304) and all posts will be up for election. You will have the chance to talk to existing and previous CA members to try to work out what issues you might be interested in following.

I don’t want to be on the CA. Can I help in other ways? There are various working groups that involve parents who are not CA members (and which actively welcome them). These include the pedagogical groups (email, the Health and Safety Working Group ( and the Sexuality Education Group. There is also a parent led group which is looking at Educational Support issues. Or you can get involved in some of the social activities or other parent initiatives such as book sales, Eureka and Somerfesto. Why not look at our website to see what is going on?


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